New Interest Free-Credit Options

 In New for 2020

We understand that in the current environment funding kits and securing sponsorship money is more challenging than ever before. That’s why we’ve been working on some new credit options designed specifically in mind for grass root sports.

The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly changed the landscape for team sports around the world. Hopefully, we will all be back playing our chosen sports soon – but how will things have changed? Many purchases made by our clients are traditionally paid for by third-party sponsorship agreements, it’s not going to be easy to attract sponsorship immediately after this pandemic ends.

How are YOU going to fund your next purchase?

For purchases of between £300 and £3000, TAG Sportswear will be offering our valued clients an interest-free credit agreement*. You can spread the costs of your next purchase with a minimum 10% deposit and then 6 monthly payments. TAG Sportswear will pay the subsidy for interest-free credit.

We can now offer

  • Full Match Kits from £1.21 a week per player
  • Tracksuits from £1.13 a week per player
  • Rain Jackets from 74p a week per player

What better way is there to welcome your team back than to have a new kit, training wear, or tracksuits?

The credit agreement will need to be taken out by a team representative as a personal application (Manager, Chairman, Sponsor, or Parent). This individual will be responsible for seeing that all payments are made.

This offer is on our entire bespoke garment range, please ask for a quote on your requirements by contacting us on 01283 531855 or when submitting a KitBuilder design.

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