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Creating Lasting Identities

TAG Sportswear are market leaders in the creation of bespoke sports teamwear and custom made teamwear, we have over 25 years’ experience in delivering our customers’ requirements. Initially, specialising in Football, the company now cater for most team sports including Rugby, Hockey, Athletics, Lacrosse, Netball and Basketball.

TAG Sportswear is different, we are proud to be different, and we aim to be different.

Match Kits

There is more than one way to manufacture a football kit, choose wisely… read more

  • Best Value – Usually least expensive option
  • All printing included within the price
  • Printing will not crack, fade or peel
  • Lasts longer, superb value for money

  • Everything Sublimation offers, & more
  • The Ultimate Match Kit – Pro quality
  • Mesh panels, piping, embroidery, own labels
  • All printing & embroidery included in the price

  • Classical elegant designs, printed in-house
  • Price includes embroidered club badge
  • Sponsors & Numbers added after production
  • Easy to hold stock in UK

Training Wear

Rain Wear

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Team Wear Revolution

Offering a high quality range of customised Football clothing, for all levels and ages.


Custom Made Football Teamwear

There is more than one way to manufacture a quality football kit, in fact there are two main production techniques widely used throughout the world.


Traditional, sometimes referred to as cut and sew or panelled. The original method of production. Panels of fabric are cut to shape and machine stitched to create the finished garment. In recent times manufacturers have created quality designs by adding different fabrics such as mesh panels, piping to seams, and even bespoke collar trims. In most cases these jerseys are completed by embroidering the club crest and finally adding sponsor prints and numbers.

The base price for a Traditional style jersey is usually the least expensive option for a match jersey or training jersey. However, by the time additional costs are added for club badges, sponsor logos, numbers and occasionally names, FA Charter badges, Respect badges and the like the final cost is often far higher than modern options.

The quality of a Traditional jersey is not in question, this type of product has serviced the amateur and professional game for over a century. However, the Achilles heel of printed logos is the durability of the transfers when subjected to the rigours of the game – after repeated washes it is almost always the sponsor print, badge or number that fails before the actual garment itself.

There are advantages with Traditional manufacture too. Many of the larger brands tend to use this type of production method because they can carry high stock levels and retail the exact same teamwear to clubs all over the world. These teams then add their own personalisation at a local company. Great whilst stocks last!

The TAG Sportswear version of Traditional manufacture is slightly different, we can offer our clients the chance to hold stock here in the UK to facilitate a speedy service on top up orders, however we can also manufacture top ups at any time in the future with minimum orders of just 3 pieces per size. Patterns are never discontinued, and your club can order as often as you like for as long as you like.



Sublimation sometimes referred to as dye sublimation or even digital is the modern technique. Initially, this process was a very expensive procedure and was used in rugby and other contact sports – contact sports expect to pay a higher price for their stronger and more robust apparel and have been using sublimated garments for years.

The good news for football teams is the method is now tried and tested, the price has dropped and Sublimation is now the fastest growing method of team kit manufacture on the planet.

The process involves impregnating the fabric with inks that are totally breathable and permanent, ensuring that badges, sponsors, numbers, names, FA Charter logos etc are all permanently applied to each garment – and with TAG Sportswear, are all included within the price. They will NEVER crack, fade or peel.

A well made Sublimation jersey will outlast a Traditional kit. Chasetown FC purchased one of our early sublimated team kits and have played in the same kit for 3 seasons in the EVOSTIK Northern League. That’s over 150 games and it still looks like new!!

It really is a win-win scenario for most football clubs – the overall cost will likely be less, it will last longer and because patterns are digital they are never discontinued. Your club can come back and order just one piece if required.



Elite is unique to TAG Sportswear. Our Elite range combines the very best features of Traditional and Sublimation. For when only the best will do. Digitally applied sponsor logos, names, numbers and sleeve decals are all included in the price. Our Elite range also adds real pro quality features such as mesh panel work and decorative piping. For larger clubs with 10 teams or more we can also add own garment labels, neck tapes and side labels to enhance the pro-image still further. Again all within one simple price point.

It is important to state that Elite is not a higher class base fabric, the additional cost is for the added finishing touches that are applied.


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